Salmon Safe Pesticide Awareness Campaign

Welcome to The WATER Institute's Salmon Safe Pesticide Awareness Campaign Guide. We have developed a Sonoma County campaign to educate pesticide vendors and consumers about the impacts of pesticides on water quality, salmonid and human health. A court ruling between Washington Toxics Coalition and the Environmental Protection Agency requires vendors to post warning signs on all products containing seven pesticides that pose threats to salmonids (for more information about this case go to We want to support retailers in upholding this ruling by posting the required hazard signs and invite them to consider selling less harmful alternatives . We need your help to do this.

Click here to read an article printed in Terrain Magazine about this campaign.


We have sent an information packet to vendors in Sonoma County and now the work of thoughtful citizens, like you, begins. By taking the following steps, you can help reduce the harmful effects these pesticides have in your community and the watersheds we all live in.

  1. Look for products containing the seven pesticides sold in your local grocery, convenience, landscape and hardware stores.
  2. Verify whether they have the required salmon hazard sign posted.
  3. Thank them if they do have it posted, ask them to post it if they don’t (click here to download hazard sign) .
  4. Verify whether they sell any of the Safer Alternatives For Weeds & Pests .
  5. Thank them if they do sell these or give them our list of Safer Alternatives For Weeds & Pests and invite them to consider carrying these items in addition.
  6. Invite them to post the WATER Institute’s Salmon Safe sign along with these Safer Alternatives For Weeds & Pests products.
  7. Contact us with any results. We are tracking who is and who is not posting the required hazard sign and who is offering Safer Alternatives For Weeds & Pests .

Click here to download copy (230 KB) of the above steps to take with you when you go to stores.

Consumers and vendors can use the following documents to educate themselves and others about what to avoid and where to find alternatives. Download and distribute these freely.

  • The Seven Pesticides Ingredients To Be Avoided (View or Download 227KB)

For more information about this campaign, contact our Director, Brock Dolman at (707) 874-1557 ext. 106.