California Beaver Working Group

California Beaver Working Group January 2012 meeting attendees at the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center.

 The OAEC WATER Institute is a founding member of The California Beaver Working Group. The work of this group greatly informs the WATER Institute's Bring Back the Beaver campaign. This group is comprised of a number of agency scientists, environmental organizations, consulting biologists and interested citizen activists. The goal of the group is to support existing colonies and, where appropriate, re-establish beaver to enhance watershed restoration and salmonid recovery efforts. This group is working to compile a bibliography of scientific studies; to establish historic and current distribution in California; to amend existing federal, state and county beaver policies; to document cost savings of restoration work executed by beavers vs. humans; to educate public and private landowners about non-lethal beaver management and flood control practices; and conduct educational outreach to raise public awareness of the value of beavers.

For more information about this working group or the Bring Back the Beaver campaign, contact Brock Dolman at (707) 874-1557 x 106 or Kate Lundquist at (707) 874-1557 x 118.

To learn more about beaver in North America and California go to: