WATER Institute Bring Back the Beaver Campaign

California beaver flag by Brock Dolman - beaver image from www.kidsfront.com


The OAEC WATER Institute has been working to protect beaver (Castor canadensis) in California for years. In 2011 we officially launched our Bring Back the Beaver Campaign (see full list of campaign goals). This project aims to restore and protect beaver in California through the following means:


  • Collaborate with members of the California Beaver Working Group to bring back the beaver
  • Work with local and State officials to protect and expand existing populations
  • Build alliances with partner organizations whose goals could benefit from the environmental services and habitat provided by beaver
  • Support the update of the seventy year old Status of Beaver in California Report (1942)
  • Support the development of a California Beaver Management Plan

Training & Education

  • Train landowners how to implement non-lethal beaver management solutions
  • Educate landowners, ranchers, agriculturists, flood and water supply agency staff, natural resource managers, and decision makers about the benefits of beaver
  • Promote the role of beaver in the mitigation of global warming and the adaptation to climate change
  • Produce a California-specific publication on co-existing with beaver towards watershed health that demonstrates how to implement non-lethal management strategies and highlights the benefits of beaver to communities and other species such as salmon and birds.


  • Publish results of the re-evaluation of the historic range of beaver in the Sierra Nevada, the North Coast and California as a whole.
  • Contribute to the mapping of current populations

To learn more, contact Brock Dolman (ext. 106) or Kate Lundquist (ext. 118) at (707) 874-1557.